Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Kiss Everlasting French Manicure

 You get what you pay for with these nails, which isn't really a bad thing. The kit costs $5.99 at my local Target, compared to $40.00 for an acrylic manicure at the salon.
  I was a little hesitant to try this product at first, because I've never gone the cheap route before. I've been getting my nails done at the salon since I was 13, so it has been a little over 6 years. For me, part of the fun of getting your nails done is being in the salon, listening to the Asian ladies (who are probably talking mad shit about you) talk in another language, smelling the strong intoxicating aroma, and practically bouncing with anticipation as you slowly watch your new nails coming together. Doing it myself at home pretty much took away that magic for me.
  The kit comes with several sizes of nails, a wooden pointy stick that i stayed away from, pink gel glue, and a mini nail file. It took me about 10 minutes total to pick out which nails I wanted to use and to carefully glue them on. Only 1 minute per nail, not too bad! There was no drying time; I immediately had a fresh and hassle free manicure. They were obviously not salon quality, but that was to be expected. I was not embarrassed to wear them, because the nails actually didn't look half bad.
  Overall, I would probably purchase these again if I needed a quick and cheap manicure. It was definitely a lot easier than painting my nails, which I'm horrible at. If you look at the nails up close, they're really not that great, and you can tell I did it myself. However, they do look pretty hot from far away, and definitely in pictures. If I ever have an event where I need some fake nails for a couple of hours and I can only afford to spend six dollars, I'll most likely pick some of these up.
  The only downfall of this product is how long it lasts. After only two days, my nails were popping off right and left. I was disappointed but not surprised. On the bright side, they didn't hurt when they come off, unlike real acrylics. I didn't even have to refile the tops of my nails to smooth them, I was able to just go straight to polish.
  I guess you can say I'm a fan of the Kiss Everlasting French Manicure, because I have a lot more pros than cons. It was really fun to get to try these out, and I look forward to hopefully trying more Kiss items in the future. I received this product complimentary for testing purposes.

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